Dear Students and Parents,

There is a saying, ‘sprouted in the fire, does not wither away in the Sun!’ The Pandemic with its sudden upheavals has changed our routines and lifestyles. Our entire way of life is adversely affected by the scare of COVID- 19 and has created new psychological situation for people.

We understand the challenges faced by the students, Parents and the teachers to cater to the academic needs during closure of school and adapting to virtual learning. However the importance of education remains consistent. We need to be prepared to take life ahead with all our normal activities according to the new normal. Our talented and dedicated staff, both teaching and non-teaching, have been showing their care and concern for the students working from home preparing notes and engaging classes online for the benefit of students. I appreciate their concern for the students and commitment to academics.

A word to parents; It is with great appreciation and gratitude I salute your support and cooperation with Bharathamatha CMI Public School in making a successful online academic year (2020-2021). However, COVID 19 Pandemic should not lockdown the aspiration of our young generation. Let us consider this challenge as an opportunity. An optimistic and positive outlook enables your child to see good things in life and keep going even in the hardest times. Appreciate and acknowledge their accomplishments.

Dear students, as much as you may be missing school and your friends, we are missing you coming to the school. The whole campus remains lifeless without your active presence. These are times when we have to stand together as one family. We shall pray for a healing of those affected, their families and health care personals. Let us be hopeful to bounce back again.