‘Chavarayachan’ as he is popularly known, was born at Kainakary in Kerala. He was a great visionary and a saintly priest who ventured into many humanitarian activities in his lifetime. He is the forerunner in the field of education in Kerala and he is also the founder of CMI congregation, the first indigenous religious congregation in India.

st.Kuriakose Elias Chavara Founder, CMI Congregation

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The school is under the management of CMI (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) Fathers of Preshitha Province of Coimbatore. The Congregation was formed in 1831 at Mannanam near Kottayam and it is the first and foremost among the indigenous religious congregations in India, founded by St. KuriakoseElias Chavara…


World Science Celebration
APKOS Best School Award 2021
1 Nov – Kavyam 2021
CBSE Boards Examinations for Grade X and IX
Christmas day Celebration for teachers.
Amen – Christmas Celebration for students
CBSE Board Examinations for Grade XII
Children’s Day Celebration
World Science Celebration
Republic day Celebration
World Enviornment Day
New Academic Year Inauguration 2021


World Enviornment Day | Grade X | Bharathamatha CMI Public School |

World Environment Day 2021 | Celebration |

Speech | World Environment Day | 2021 | Diya N | Grade - VI B |


There is a saying, ‘sprouted in the fire, does not wither away in the Sun!’ The Pandemic with its sudden upheavals has changed our routines and lifestyles. Our entire way of life is adversely affected by the scare of COVID- 19 and has created new psychological situation for people.

Fr. Lintesh Antony CMI